thank you for making it easier for me

It sorted itself out. I sent him that video and made it clear why I'm so andry. It's not becuase he didn't came to my house yesterday. It's all about enermous amount of alcohol and another girls. It's about parties, drinking, drugs etc. I'm not saint too but I always had time for him. Every fucking day. And he don't. I'm in this city just for 2 weeks and he is sick and have no time. But he had it for that girls and I can't handle it any more.
He says it's a shame for him and I tatally agree. He was so drunk and I have no idea what happaned that night. Nothing good I suppose. What did he expect? Of course for my understanding and support. I can't do this any more. Can't pretend that everything is okay. Our conversation looked like fight and I was out of myself. And I'm not gonna to say "I'm sorry" or something like that. Cause actually I'm not sorry. I had to clerify this situation and let him know that I'm not okay with that. 
"Hope I'll see you this weekend". I refused to let him see me. This weekend, tommorow and next week, Just after a month - 30th of August. There will be a big party with my friends and he is invited. And I'll do my best not to see him before this time. He hurted me. One more time. And I'm so tired. He's really toxic. And he's always been. Unbelievable. But it's much more easier to say him "good bye" now. 
I wrote about 2 days ago how much I afraid the last time we see each other. I'm not afraid any more. 
I don't expect him to apologize or trying to see me anywhere. Don't expect him to text and calling me. All I want is to take it easy, lie under some tree and drink margarita. 
I have so many things to do and so little time. 
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