Short notes

Is it weird to miss the guy I've seen just once in my life? I guess. Actually we work at the same office so that "once" is not usually like that. We gonna meet today. He is totally not my type; short, blonde, he is into sports more than into arts. And I can't unerstand why I miss him. I just feel him. Can't explain. I remember that my type I met few months earlier. And nothing. Tall, black hair, jokes, interests, poetry. Everything. He was exactly what I wanted him to be. But i don't feel him. So it was over. And now. I dont know. But I want to explore. 
Have nightmares during last week. Corps, graves, killing etc. It's so horrible that I wake up about 3-4 times. A said may be it means smth and I should ask. I will but I still don't know how to recognize the answer. May be I'm going to do smth wrong or I doing it now. I'm scared cause I finally got that feeling like my life goes together. Or I pay to much attention to that dreams?
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